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Build A Bar/Restaurant


Bar & Restaurant Equipment

We have a wide range of select bar equipment and supplies to choose from. Our staff will carefully help you select the right equipment for your restaurant bar project.


Bartender Supplies 

Sterling has top quality bar and restaurant utensils for your every need. Our staff will gladly quote on any utensil you need.


Bar Counters, Tables, Booths, & Stools

Sterling now offers custom made bar counters and other bar and restaurant furniture at an affordable price. Speak with our staff about the design you're looking for.


Bar Shelving

Get the right custom made shelving that matches your bars theme. Speak with our staff about what design you are looking for.


POS Systems | Credit Card Protection

Sterling offers over 5000 different POS systems to choose from. We also have a credit card protection solutions that can scan an ID's unique code on the back in seconds to protect you from fraudulent ID's, and charge backs. Speak to our representatives for more information about our products and solutions.



Need televisions for your sports bar? We got you covered. Sterling provides our customers with televisions at the most affordable price.

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