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Open A Online Market & Restaurant

Step 01


Warehousing Space

The best part of owning an online supermarket is you don't need to pay high amounts of rent in busy location to market yourself to your customers. This means you can find very affordable large warehousing space near the big cities that suites your online supermarket needs. Our sales team here at Sterling Restaurant Equipment will design, and guide you in what is the appropriate size for your online supermarket warehouse.

Step 02

Walk-In Boxes

Online supermarkets have a high demand, and Sterling Restaurant Equipment has the heavy industrial duty walk-in boxes to help you meet those demands! We make all types of walk-in coolers, and  freezers big, or small in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Our staff will help you pick out the right walk-in box that is right for you!


Step 03

Build A Kitchen & Offer Fresh Made Packaged Meals

Just like supermarkets have their deli, bakery, cold, and hot foods departments you can do the same online! Turning your supermarket into a flourishing online restaurant by offering fresh made packaged meals to your online menu! Sterling Restaurant Equipment will design, build, and supply everything your commercial kitchen needs to meet those high demands!

Step 04

Staffing & Marketing

With the current worldwide pandemic going on we recommend that it is best to pick a location for your warehousing with the least COVID restrictions. Safety is a priority, and every person should have the freedom to do as they please, and also take responsibility to protect themselves and others for various illnesses; however, you do not want to be in an area where national, or state lockdowns can crumble your business. Sterling Restaurant Equipment will help guide you where to locate your warehouse for maximum profit, and at the same time we will also help you take the necessary precautions to protect you, your staff, and others.

Once the location for the warehouse is established, Sterling Restaurant Equipment will help guide you on how to market yourself online by building your company a desktop, and mobile website, and help you market your company for FREE!

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